22 Nov 2015

SHOCK POLL: Vladimir Putin popular in America over Obama

SHOCK POLL Vladimir Putin popular in America over Obama
SHOCK POLL Vladimir Putin popular in America over Obama

According to RT, Vladimir Putin popular in America over Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in the general election of 2016:

M popularity rating. Putin is shockingly high in the US, where the leaders of the nation constantly criticize Russian actions in reasserting itself in the Crimea.

Russian President Putin rode a wave of popularity recently, after claiming that "God can judge ISIS, but it's my job to send them to him. "

Unlike Obama, who criticized the US after the attacks in Paris, Putin promised his people that he never let them feel afraid and he will fight to stop the Islamic state, and his new ally France.
Early in the morning, I heard an intriguing piece of news on the Russian State TV: America loves Putin even more Russian make themselves! It enjoys an approval rating of 88% in Russia, but the figure is higher in the United States, the report on Rossiya 24 television.

"Much has been said about the incumbent [US] President of low viewership, said a night news anchor." He just treated a further blow below the belt. An opinion poll by the popular New York Daily News shows that US citizens loved speech of Vladimir Putin at the session of the General Assembly better than the speeches of [Barack] Obama. Eighty-six percent voted for the Russian President, and accordingly, only 4% voted for the American President. "

I was surprised. I wrote my readers and American friends on Facebook, asking them to comment on the survey results.

"Over 95 percent of the readers of the American newspaper New York Daily News, believes that Russian President Vladimir Putin sounded more convincing US President Obama during their speeches to the General Assembly of the UN," he said . "The American president is far behind his Russian counterpart.