16 Dec 2015

Do not blame all Muslims for terrorism

Do not blame all Muslims for terrorism
Do not blame all Muslims for terrorism

Malala Yousafzai in the race for the US presidential candidate Donald Trump ban the entry of Muslims in the United States have condemned the statement.

Nobel Prize winner Malala said Trump's comment "full of hatred" is. Malala as "terrorism" only to blame Muslims and the Muslim youth will lead to fundamentalism.

On Tuesday, in an event in Birmingham Malala told the AFP news agency, "which is really sad to hear such comments from hate and fully loaded with the ideology of discrimination with others"

The program on the Taliban attack in Peshawar Army Public School was held at the end of the year. The attack killed 140 people, most of whom were schoolchildren.

 In 2012, Taliban shot bullet in the mala head to kill her but she was saved.

18-year-old Malala on such matters from the media and politicians urged caution.

She said, 'If your intention is to prevent terrorism, the entire Muslim population, do not try to blame for it, because it can not stop terrorism.' '

Malala called for giving quality education in the world, saying that terrorism and the need to defeat the mentality of hatred '.

According to her, due to the mentality  attacks like Peshawar happened