13 Dec 2015

France To Ban Access To Free Public WiFi And Tor Network By January 2016

France To Ban Access To Free Public WiFi And Tor Network By January 2016

Since the major terrorist attack occurred in France (Paris attack by ISIS ), the French government has introduced two ways to protect them from any further terrorist attacks.
The French government has decided to ban free access to public WiFi and has also blocked the Tor network. Although these laws have yet to be applied, they have been proposed by several government officials.
According to some sources, the French government will implement these laws in the first month of 2016 (i.e by January 2016). You might be thinking: Why is the French government taking such extreme measures?

Documents issued and seen by Le-Monde (French newspaper)

Banning Tor Network For ISIS
Tor Network is a famous network that helps users hide their IP Address. Tor Network helps its users access and use the internet anonymously. According to various news reports, ISIS uses Tor Network’s various services like TorBox, to help hide their location and identity. Messages that are exchanged between ISIS members are protected with the process called “onion Rooting”, which helps them discuss various issues regarding their organizations.structured settlement annuity companies Tor Network is commonly used for the recruitment of new members; ISIS militants communicate to potential new members through the onion websites they have developed. In addition, ISIS militants often use Dark wallet and other services provided by the Tor Network, to raise funds for their cause.
Banning The WiFi In A State Of Emergency
Users connected to public WiFi are particularly challenging to track and identify. As a result, this can cause a number of problems for police and other security agencies when they are attempting to track and locate users that are involved in any terrorist attacks or criminal activity.
National Security Agency on Tor Network
The National Security Agency and the FBI, have shut down several websites belonging to ISIS militants. Security agencies are still researching their activities on the Tor Network. In addition, it is also likely that the security agencies have been monitoring ISIS’s regular activities on the Tor network.
It is clear these measures will help the French government prevent further terrorist attacks and various cyber crime.

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