26 Feb 2016

Facebook Is Going To Use Artificial Intelligence To Map Your Homes

Facebook is now using its important research strength to develop detailed maps of places it believes people are living, and will determine what factors are influencing their online activity. The charts should assist Facebook in determining where internet-beaming drones would best be placed. Currently, ten percent of the global population does not have access to the internet.
The venture belongs to Facebook’s Connectivity Labs, the tech limb of their successful project Internet.org, which handles drones, broadcast satellites, and optical lasers with the aim of providing internet access to remote locations and growing nations. Alongside improved mapping, the corporation is in a position to see whether wireless/Wi-Fi open spots or mobile solutions would be more effective when delivering the internet—and Facebook—to the people.
Whatever technological solution will eventually be used to connect these people, accurate knowledge about the population distribution is at the core of its development. Creating a data set with high spatial resolution for some of the countries that could benefit from better internet connectivity is a large undertaking,” states the report published by Facebook.

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