17 Mar 2016

Confirmed: Lack of sleep can contribute to an early death

A lot of us burn the candle at both ends thinking we’ll catch up at some stage, but getting less than eight hours sleep a night may be more damaging to our health than we think.

1) Not enough sleep can lead to binge drinking and smoking : It’s an indirect consequence, according to researchers at the University of Copenhagen. Sleeping poorly can lead to binge drinking, smoking heavily, and less physical activity – overall, damaging your health. Poor sleep habits makes it more difficult to moderate behavior.

2) People are more susceptible to catching colds if they don’t sleep enough : An Australian study concluded in 2009 that people who get less than seven hours sleep are three o four times more likely to catch a cold, than their counterparts on eight or more hours.

3) Lack of sleep can contribute to an early death : Men who had regular patterns of sleep for seven or less hours have been found to have a 21 percent chance of dying in any given time period. Women fared better with a 5 percent higher chance, the University of Warwick study in 2007 concluded.

4) Sleeplessness can alter your genes : Sleep deprivation can disrupt hundreds of genes that are essential for good health. It only takes a week of poor sleep to disrupt genes associated with immunity and stress, according to University of Surrey research.

5) Missing sleep has more negative impact for you than a hangover : 21,000 UK workers were monitored by researchers from Cambridge University and Rand Europe to study the effects of those who slept for six hours or less a night. The results: lack of sleep has a larger impact on a person than a big night on the booze.
6) Lack of sleep equates to lack of memory : The new memories made where you need to recall new tasks can be affected when lack of sleep occurs. Specifically, sleep patterns can alter your ability to make new memories, according to research conducted in Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston.