16 Mar 2016

Cop Caught Pepper Spraying Motor Cyclits On Texas Highway

There are still a lot of good cops out there, but in recent years it’s become impossible to ignore all the stories about cops who are ignorant, belligerent, trigger happy, authoritarian, or just downright evil. This story may fall into the latter of those categories, because what this cop did goes beyond any normal explanation. His actions are the height of insanity and irresponsibility, and they don’t make sense at all. There’s really only two reasonable explanations. Either this cop is borderline mentally handicapped, or he is a sadist.

On Monday, dozens of bikers were heading down Highway 287 in Ft. Worth Texas, when they passed a police officer who had pulled over a pickup truck. One of the riders pulled out a cell phone and filmed the officer as he drove by. He caught the officer indiscriminately pepper spraying the bikers as they drove past him on the highway.

The officer was identified as W. Figueroa, who has since been removed from patrol duty pending an investigation by the Ft. Worth police department. The woman who was driving the truck, Brittany Botella, said she and her passengers were pulled over for filming the bikers with their cell phones.
Her story confirms what was seen in the video. Figueroa deployed the pepper spray before he approached their vehicle. According to Botella however, the spray didn’t even hit the bikers. The wind blew it all into the truck. “I thought it was sand up off the bikes that was making everyone choke and stuff, but it ended up being the mace.”