26 Mar 2016

Facebook Is Censoring A Massive Leak Of Hillary’s Emails That Could End Her Campaign

Newly leaked Clinton emails reveal disturbing truth about what Hillary advocated for while she was Secretary of State.

As if the fact that Hillary Clinton is being investigated by the FBI isn’t enough to ruin her campaign for the Democratic nomination, about 30,000 emails from Hillary’s private server were just released to the public and they are even more horrible than anticipated.

The reason many may not have heard of it yet and decided to switch their vote to another candidate? Facebook tried to censor it by faking a technical complication whenever WikiLeaks, the site that released the latest emails, attempted to post it on their Facebook page.

The whistleblower site took a screenshot of the error window that popped up every time they tried to publish it and then posted the screenshot to their Twitter account, saying, “Dear Facebook: stop censoring our Clinton email release. No, really. Stop it. There is no technical excuse.”

Credit: WikiLeaks

If WikiLeaks’ accusal of Facebook’s censorship proves to be valid, it means that Mark Zuckerberg and his team were trying to covertly help Clinton avoid another blow to her campaign and aid her in winning the nomination. This certainly wouldn’t be surprising, as the presidential candidate has continuously been accused of privately catering to the top 1% and meeting with them privately to promise that she will continue to protect their interests. Whether or not this is actually true, it’s no secret that a large chunk of her campaign donations have come from Wall Street backers.

The WikiLeaks accusation was followed by a string of Twitter users posting about the damning evidence found in the emails that calls out the former Secretary of State’s disagreeable actions that may have turned into global catastrophes. Though it’s unclear whether or not there are citizens out there that have scoured through the 30,322 documents, 7,000 of which are emails written by Hillary herself, the Twitter users already have enough information from the leak to paint a disturbing picture of what Hillary was involved in.

From Hillary’s close relationship with the Rothschild banking family to her push to privatize Mexico’s oil, those exposing Clinton are showing no mercy. For those that don’t happen to have the time to sift through over 30,000 text documents, here’s a recap of what people have been calling out Hillary Clinton for since the emails were leaked:

Credit: @ServusPecum

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