14 Mar 2016

Indian Guy Found Out How To Hack Facebook Accounts And Got Rewarded With $15000 Bounty

How To Hack Facebook Accounts
Yes, do not be surprised! I know that many of you find different techniques to help hack Facebook accounts of your victims. If only you could keep an eye on the cyber world, only then can you have hacked Facebook accounts using the brute force attack. The current version of Facebook does not have this bug, however, the bug was found in the beta version of Facebook, which is currently studying its developers.

In short :

Anand Prakesh, which is a serious software engineer and works for the online shopping store Flipkart in India, is an experienced hunter "bug". On the current version of Facebook, if the user tries to hack Facebook by clicking the "Forgot my password", they are redirected to a new page where Facebook application to enter a six-digit code already mailed or by telephone of the user. This six-figure allows the user to reset the old password, but after trying several times with the help of brute force attack, Facebook automatically blocks the process and the account is safe. Anand has applied this same process on the beta version of Facebook; where he found he was able to reset any user's password without much difficulty; therefore, exploiting this glitch.

After successfully exploited the bug, Anand presented his report and in return received $ 15,000 from Facebook for the patch for the glitch. Anand managed to hack an account with just a single username.

On the Beta version of Facebook, which is under review for the developers to check the new features, Facebook paid $936 in 2015 to similar ‘Bug Hunters.’
The beta version of Facebook can be found at beta.faceook.com.

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