28 Mar 2016

New Holograms you can Actually Touch

 Yes…you read it right! Scientists has discovered how to make holograms into a physical, touchable    object.

New Holograms you can Actually Touch
The future is here – holograms you can touch have been invented and they’re terrifying Source: Digital Nature Group
Inside Japan’s Digital Nature Group lab, scientists have reportedly developed a new set of lasers that can create aerial plasma 3D graphics, and yes, in case you are wondering about lasers and hologram technology, the aspects are completely safe to touch.

In accordance to the team, they were able to create this new form of hologram by reducing the duration of the laser bursts to a much higher resolution femtoseconds, instead of the traditional lower resolution of femtoseconds and nanoseconds.

While this new technology is extremely interesting, we are wondering as to what practice this would have inside the real world. However, the team did manage to demonstrate in a video someone touching a hologram of a fairy, star and a heart.

Suppose that if the researchers are able to fully harness the power of holograms and virtual reality; just think Iron Man or Star Trek Next Gen and compliment that with our computers at home. I know a lot of technicians would pay in order to have a setup similar to that one.