11 Mar 2016

New Study Shows Ginger Kills Cancer Cells

Ginger is one of the most powerful natural remedies for many different diseases. However, more recent research indicates that this incredible spice can even fight against cancer!

Namely, studies have found that ginger can actually cure cancer and its action is even more powerful than drugs and chemo.

After years of tests, the scientists concluded that the cancer drugs actually fail to produce positive results in most cases. In addition, they accelerate even fatal cases od rate. However, this spice has proven to kill only the cancer cells while not harming healthy ones.

potential anticancer ginger

Experts in Georgia State University conducted a study on mice which found that ginger extract is extremely beneficial in the treatment of prostate cancer. Namely, we managed to reduce tumor size by 56%. In addition, ti effectively reduced inflammation and triggered the amount of antioxidants in mice.

PLoS published another study that demonstrated cancer - fighting amazing properties of this spice. Experts say that ginger contains an ingredient known as '6-shogaol', which can be thousands of times stronger than chemotherapy.

Furthermore, it also aims at the origin of the issue, which means it focuses on cancer stem cells.

The cells of the root, or stem, are referred to medically as "parent cells" and can result in the formation of various types of cancer. In addition, they create the "daughter cells" that hit the body. Yet their power is because they are virtually immortal. Or a tumor that does not contain 1% of the stem cells, and the rest consists of cancer daughter cells.

Stem cells are able to regenerate and live in a continuous cycle, and chemo procedure simply does not affect. Also, even if the tumors were beaten, they can still stimulate the formation of new tumor colonies. This means that only the death of the latest cancer stem means your body is cancer-free.

According to a recent study, 6-shogaol is extremely beneficial because it reduces the cancer stem cells. Therefore, you can get while you're drying / cooking the ginger roots and use it in various cases. Ginger has strong anticancer activity and its effects are much more advantageous than those of chemotherapy.

The researchers suggest that this single element ginger is to cancerous cells and not damage healthy cells, unlike conventional treatments against cancer. Namely, treatments against cancer, including chemotherapy, have the qualities of the targeted cytotoxicity and also destroy noncancerous cells as well.

In addition, 6-shogaol has also been found to affect cell renewal, which leads to the increase in the rate of cancer cell death. It encourages a process called autophagy, causing the death of these cells. In addition, it has also been shown to prevent the generation of the spheroids of breast cancer.

In the taxol studies, cancer drugs, the researchers found that its effectiveness was much lower than that of 6-shogaol regarding the destruction of cancer stem cells. Namely, compared to taxol, this powerful component turned out 10,000 times more powerful to destroy cancer stem cells.

Therefore, 6-shogaol ginger has been scientifically confirmed to be the most powerful remedy in preventing tumor formation, maintaining healthy cells unaltered.

However, current cancer treatments significantly harm the body and destroy the immune system. Therefore, experts suggest that it is necessary to continue research on conventional cancer treatments, to prove that natural remedies can provide more effective results and cure cancer while not harming the health of patient.