13 Mar 2016

Turkey: 27 killed, 75 wounded in car bomb attack in Ankara

A car bomb in a busy square in central Ankara on Sunday killed at least 27 people and wounded 75 others, said the Office of the Governor of the province.

"The explosion was caused by a vehicle packed with explosives near Kizilay Square" an official statement. The square is a key commercial and transportation hub near the embassy district of the city.

Ambulances rushed to the scene of the explosion on the key shopping Kizilay square and transportation hub near the embassy district of the city.

Images of Turkish television showed burnt vehicles including a bus.

The incident comes just weeks after 29 people were killed in a suicide car for the army in Ankara on February 17 which was claimed by a group of Kurdish militants.

Falcons of freedom of Kurdistan (TAK) said it carried out the February bombing as revenge for the operations of the Turkish army in the southeast of the country and warned foreign tourists not to visit Turkey.

Turkish security forces launched a major offensive against the Kurdistan Workers' party Hizb (PKK) since December, imposing strict curfews 24 hours in a number of towns and cities in the southeast.
Sunday's explosion came as the authorities hit two more towns in the southeast, dominated by Kurds, with the curfew.
Turkey has been hit by a wave of deadly attacks since the middle of last year, most of them blamed on the group of the Islamic State.

In the deadliest attack ever on Turkish soil, 103 people were killed and over 500 injured in two suicide attacks targeting a pro-Kurdish peace rally in Ankara in October last year.