16 Apr 2016

Cancer ISN'T All In Your Genes, 90% Of Cases Are Due To Unhealthy Lifestyle

Cancer is one of the most dreaded diseases out there.

It's almost all of the times incurable. Even though there are advanced treatment options in place these days but, they are way too costly. Also, the survival chances are minimal. Still there are examples of people who are living a happy life after getting treated successfully. But, more work and research need to be done to help the increasing number of cancer patients.

Scientists are still in doubt regarding the causes of this dangerous disease. Is it because of the genes or the unhealthy lifestyle? Read on to find out.

Recent studies have found that 9 out of 10 cancers can be avoided if certain disease triggers are avoided.

Dr. Emma Smith, Cancer Research Institute, UK, said, "Healthy habits like not smoking, keeping a healthy weight, eating a healthy diet and cutting back on alcohol are not a guarantee against cancer, they do dramatically reduce the risk of developing the disease."

It is depicted that breast cancer can be prevented if the external factors that trigger cancer can be avoided.

Also, people who move to countries with higher cancer incidence from countries of lower cancer incidence are seen to develop the same rate of tumour incidences. Earlier this year, the study by Johns Hopkins University, failed to include cancers like cervix, prostate, stomach and breast that can be linked to environmental causes.

A year ago, a research study suggested that most cases of cancer could be attributed to factors like random generation of DNA errors due to aging and division of cells.

However, the recent study claims that causes of cancer can't only be attributed to the simple mutations during cell division.

This because the incidence is quite high. According to Cancer Research UK's data, 339,000 new cancer cases were recorded in 2012 with 162,000 deaths. The cancer treatment in England is improving but, is still behind other European countries.

Some environmental factors that can lead to cancer are sunburn, pollution, diet, cigarettes, certain viruses and alcohol.Experts estimate that by adopting a healthy lifestyle, only 30-40% of cancers can be avoided.

But, what about the rest? It still needs to be researched upon.
Cancer is not entirely inheritable.


Professor Kevin McConway, Open University, said, "There would still be cancers, because of the way that cells divide in the body. But, there would be fewer of them if we can identify the underlying external triggers of cancer as well."