8 Apr 2016

Chilling Video: Muslims Screaming “Death to America” in This US City: Media Silent

Screaming “Death to America” in This US City
Need proof the mainstream media is controlled by global elites pushing the narrative they want, versus providing the American people with ACTUAL news they need of what is REALLY going on? Here it is. It’s been almost a month since the Trump rally in Chicago, and this is the first I’ve seen of this video of a massive protest in Chicago chanting, “Death to America,” “Free Palestine,” and “Death to Israel!” Just like the armed tensions that erupted over the weekend between Black Panthers and Muslims protesting outside a Mosque, the media buried the story. 

In the case of the Trump rally, they didn’t bury the story, they flat out lied. We now know it wasn’t Trump supporters that were out of control, but rather it was agroup of PAID infiltrators sent by George Soros specifically to wreak havoc. As you’ll see below, all of that was a side show to what was REALLY going on, and there was a total media blackout. That is scary as hell folks.

Please let the mere fact that the media did not report the armed confrontation over the weekend or the massive Muslim march in the video below serve as your warning, that when the $% finally hits the fan in this country, and there is something to truly worry about, you won’t know until it’s too late. THAT is why you should prepare NOW, while there is still time. 
Recall that back in March, a former federal prosecutor warned us that Obama was planning on a race war igniting over the summer. That is why I said all signs are pointing toward Obama suspending the 2016 presidential elections and declaring Martial Law as the end of his term draws closer. In a recent interview, Dr. Ben Carson repeated the very same sentiment saying that Obama may very well suspend the 2016 elections, and that wasn’t the first time Dr. Carson has suggested so. 

There is a reason the Pentagon is preparing for massive civil unrest. They were preparing (by their own admission), long before Soros’s new group “Democracy Spring” promised the largest civil uprising in our nation’s history. That is why there has been reports (with video) of UN Peacekeepers already on US soil, and why theArmy is not training for battle, but rather they are training for riot control and Martial Law. 


The US Herald Reports:

So, a protest riot broke out at a Donald Trump rally over in peaceful downtown Chicago. Who is to blame?
Donald Trump of course! If he is in the room when anything untoward happens it’s his fault.  In this latest display of suck-up to Sharia, the mainstream media is not reporting what actually went down.
This was not a spur of the moment, thugs getting their panties in a wad, beef with a white guy. This was a well-organized, well-executed attempt by the thugs and the Sharia Law Islamofascists among us to try and throw their weight around.
A little pre-emptive voter intimidation for ya’ll.
“Free Palestine.”
“Death to Israel.”
Death to America.”
Ummmm…that is not the Black Lives Matter mantra. This is not the Sanders fan-base mantra—they’re too wussy. This was not the Latino angry-of-the-wall clan.
This was the rise of the Caliphate.
Where is our president?   Nowhere. Oh, wait, that’s not true. He’s busy with his SXSW speech to the idiot masses about how freedom of speech should be regulated.
Trump did the right thing. He shut it down. The billing of this disturbance as a clash between protestors and Trump supporters is a lie. It was a clash between the rising Caliphate and American people.
We are bound to see more of this, and it has nothing to do with Trump. He is just a nice rich white-guy scape goat to pin it on.

Source: Clash Daily