19 Apr 2016

Terrorism and Islam: What You are not being Told

You are more likely to be killed by television, fireworks, cows, elevators, choking, lightning, heart attacks, police, prescription painkillers or Christmas trees than “Islamic terror.” White terrorists kill more than Muslim terrorists in the United States; cops kill more than both. Less than 2% terrorist acts have been committed by Muslims in Europe and the United States. No, these are not random tidbits, these are facts.
When America and other Western extremists are not taken to task for their military escapades in the Middle East, which has killed countless innocent civilians, why is an entire religion taken to task every time the inherently violent, radicalized terrorists hijack the religion to behave like America and the West?

Remember, the West is using violence to stop violence inspired by initial Western violence; still the largely ‘innocent’ Western populace remains oblivious to the atrocities. But the Muslims across the world always condemn the acts of terror, and are forced to apologize for violence of the few maniacs who know nothing about Islam.

Terming all Muslims as terrorists after falsely blaming the so-called “Islamic extremism” on Islam, is similar to terming all Christians as evil for the violent acts committed by insane people in the name of Christianity. Are all Christians terrorists? No. Are all Muslims terrorists? No. Period.
Palestinian-American Muslim Omar Alnatour, a blogger for The Huffington Post, silences the civilized bigots – carrying a prejudice against Islam or Muslims – with facts and (though it is not needed), proves once and for all, that Muslims are NOT terrorists

Non-Muslims Terrorize The United States

Between 1980 and 2005, 94% of the terror attacks on U.S. soil were committed by non-Muslims. According to a FBI study, there were more Jewish acts of terrorism within the United States than Islamic. In actuality, 42% of terror attacks were carried out by Latino-related groups, followed by 24% perpetrated by extreme left-wing actors.
And before you start to bring our attention to the fact that “Islamic terrorism” grew exponentially after the 9/11 attacks, well, a 2014 study by University of North Carolina found that more than 190,000 Americans were murdered since 9/11; ‘Muslim-linked terrorism’ claimed the lives of 37 Americans during this period (remember, we didn’t even discuss the effects of ‘war on terror’ that destroyed many countries) – that’s less than 0.0002%.

Non-Muslims Terrorize The Europe

Europol, the European Union’s law-enforcement agency, noted in its 2014 report, that a vast majority of terrorist attacks in EU countries in the past five years were perpetrated by separatist organizations. In 2009, of 294 terrorist attacks, only one was related to Islamist militancy. In 2010, of 249 terrorist attacks, Europol considered only three to be Islamist. In 2011, not one of the 174 terrorist attacks were affiliated or inspired by terrorist organizations. In 2012, of 219 terrorist attacks, six were religiously motivated. In 2013, of 152 terrorist attacks, two were “religiously motivated.” Terrorism is a real threat, but terrorism going hand in hand with Islam is an exaggerated statement.

Islamophobia Is Irrational

According to the Global Terrorism Database, more than 140,000 terrorist attacks were committed around the world from 1970 through 2014. Even if Muslims were behind all of those terror attacks, those terrorists would represent less than 0.00009% of global Islam. With an estimated 1.5 billion Muslims around the world, and less than 150,000 belonging to terror groups like ISIS, terrorists represent less than 0.001% of all Muslims.

Islam And Muslims Are Not The Problem

Given the above statistics, you are more likely to be struck by lightning in your lifetime, than a Muslim is likely to commit a terrorist attack during that same time span. In fact, according to a study, more Americans were killed by a toddler in 2013 than by a “Muslim terrorist.”
Forget the statistics, which also stress that an average American is more likely to be killed by a TV set than by a misguided Muslim, have you ever heard about Buddhist terrorists or Jewish terroristswho have carried out hundreds of terror acts, killed innocent civilians and vandalized scores of mosques and churches? The chances are you may not have. But the fact is, terrorism is a problem, and it is plaguing all religions.

Islam Is Part Of The Solution

If you insist on branding every Muslim as a terrorist for the gruesome acts committed by a few “Muslim terrorists,” will you brand all followers of Islam as peacemakers too, because as of 2015, 12 Nobel Prize winners have been Muslims – 7 of these have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize (now that’s 58%)?

Food for thought

Do you ever blame Boeing or Airbus for a plane crash due to a pilot error? Then how is it logical to blame an entire religion practiced by over 1.5 billion people from different nationalities, cultural and ethnic backgrounds for the reckless actions of some insignificant losers?