4 May 2016

Anonymous Attacks KKK Again, Shuts Down its Worldwide Website

The online hacktivists group, Anonymous has successfully shut down the official website of the White Supremacist group, the Ku Klux Klan (KKK).
The attack was carried out specifically by the group known as Anonymous Ghost Squad. This is not the first time Anonymous is attacking the KKK.

Anonymous leaked the personal information of many KKK members in 2015. The data leak was part of Anonymous’ year-long campaign, Operation KKK. The Operation KKK was a reaction to the racial violence threatened and incited by the KKK in 2014 against those protesting over the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, United States. The identities of those revealed included their names, aliases, Facebook and Google+ profiles, among other identifying documents.
Anonymous again, attacked the KKK in 2015 with Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) on their website for harassing a woman on Twitter.

However, this current DDoS attack by Anonymous seems to be unprecedented. The attack is believed to have happened on April 23. But at the time of writing this article on April 26, the website of the KKK was still out of coverage area. The website has been completely grounded. The KKK is believed to be in disarray over the downing of their website by Anonymous.
According to what we gathered on the ground, Anonymous is carrying this huge DDoS attack on the KKK because of the group’s unacceptable blunt racist attitude, using freedom of speech as an excuse.
The attackers said they have lost patient with the KKK. One member of the Anonymous Ghost Squad said this current attack shows that Anonymous will not give the KKK the breathing space like in the past. Anonymous is therefore ready to march the KKK boot-to-boot.

This hardworking Anonymous member told the Hack Read “We targeted the KKK due to our hackers being up in their face, we believe in free speech but their form of beliefs is monolithic and evil. We stand for constitutional rights but they want anyone who is not Caucasian removed from earth so we targeted the KKK official website to show love for our boots on the ground and to send a message that all forms of corruption will be fought. We are not fascist but we certainly do not agree with the KKK movement. They are the Fascists and they are the Racists.”
The attack has gone viral on social media. Even some mainstream media outlets have picked the story. Telegraph reports that the DDoS attack by Anonymous has overwhelmed the website of the KKK, to the point that it will probably take several days before the KKK could restore its service back.
On social media, many people showered praise on Anonymous for taking the courage again, to attack the KKK. Some suggested that Anonymous should constantly be on the neck of the KKK, until the group repent from its fascist and racist ideology.

The KKK is a past and present movement in the United States, advocating extremist reactionary currents such as White Supremacy, White Nationalism, and anti-immigration. The group was notorious in the past for using extreme violence against groups, or individuals they opposed.