20 Jun 2016

Liberian petroleum ship stuck on reef in Mauritius

The MV Benita failed off Mah├ębourg Friday morning June 17 after a brawl between members of the crew.
A team of the National Coast Guard (NCG) was mended on site. It says one man, who was airlifted to hospital.

Another member of the crew is locked in the “engine room”.
The Coothen Shiva inspector of Police Press Office explained on Radio More than it is to 00 h 05 that the police were informed of the situation.
The MV Benita, who left India headed towards Durban.
“There was a kind of settlement onboard accounts. We have informed our unit based in the south because the ship was 12 nautical miles east of Mahebourg. Our intervention groups intervened with the help of the police helicopter, “says Shiva Coothen inspector.
He added: “We learned to 7 h 30 that the ship aground on reefs off Mah├ębourg. An injured or the engineer of the boat was transported by helicopter to hospital. Meanwhile, members of the NCG went to the scene to deal with any eventuality. ”