27 Jun 2016

Top Reason Why Women Cheat

It could be assumed that a marriage that has a cheating partner is a marriage that is standing on its very last leg, right? Well, there is new research that was presented during the American Sexological Association’s 109th meeting that would state otherwise. There are many partners who are truly happy with their marriage but also look to have an affair.

There are some couples that find that sex with other partners works for them (think about House of Cards’ Claire and Frank Underwood), but it is not the only method available (and may not be the greatest solution either). A good start is simple – just begin talking with your partner.

The top reason given by researchers about potential reasons why women cheat on their husbands is the lack of attention and intimacy in the marriage. Women deprived of affection often crave emotional affairs, which in turn leads to sex outside of marriage. Bad sex is another reason why women have extra-marital affairs.