5 Jul 2016


ADDENDUM! HILLARY QUIZZED by the FBI to establish whether she had malicious intent regarding the emails. 
People, tired of her lies are already predicting indictment.

Hillary Clinton went to FBI headquarters Saturday morning to give a voluntary interview about the private email server she used while serving as U.S. secretary of state. The server has been arguably Clinton’s biggest weakness heading into the 2016 general election. ABC reports a Clinton aide said the interview lasted 3.5 hours. A spokesman released a statement saying Clinton was “pleased” to help the FBI in its investigation, but she will not comment further. Stick with Newsy for updates.

Okay – she was interviewed at FBI headquarters, not her house.
“The meeting, which lasted approximately three-and-a-half hours, took place at FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C., according to a campaign aide.”
Fox News Alert: Black FBI Surbabans With Sirens In Front of Hillary’s DC House!! (7AM Eastern Time)
Fox News ^ | July 2 2016 7AM EST | Fox & Friends Weekend Morning Crew 
Posted on 02/07/2016 à 14:09:33 by drewh
cops are at Hilly’s Georgetown mansion will she be arrested after her testimony?

Confirmed Hillary Clinton Met With FBI This Morning – America’s News HQ