5 Jul 2016

Tom Cruise Wants To Reach ‘Every Person On Earth’ With New Scientology TV

According to a recent report by RT, Tom Cruise and the Church of Scientology have launched their own 24-hour news network and movie studio. Yeah. So that happened.
According to RT’s report:

Trying to capture the success of Rupert MurdochVladimir Putin(redacted) and Queen Elizabeth II before them, the Los Angeles-based $50 million project will feature a 24-hour network to broadcast its messages to the masses – and film production facilities the ‘religious movement’ claims is bigger and better than Paramount.”

The studio took five-years to build, is located on Sunset Boulevard where incidentally, the Church of Scientology owns a number of buildings, and the church itself has relocated to the location of the former PBS affiliate, KCET. Scientology leader, David Miscavige, who according to RT, “faces a number of shocking accusations too dangerous to publish given his willingness to sue even his own father,” was the one to unveil the studio at its grand opening.
Miscavige claims the studio will “change the history” and reach “virtually every person on Earth.” He describes it as:

“… [An] uncorrupted communication line to the billions. Because as the saying goes, if you don’t write your own story, someone else will.

So, yes, we’re now going to be writing our story like no other religion in history. And it’s all going to happen right here from Scientology Media Productions.”

Okay well, religions have been writing their own bogus (redacted) stories since… forever, and we’ve already got plenty of televangelists and crappy movies. If Scientology’s 1990 feature film “Battlefield Earth” starring John Travolta—which was brought to attention by RT—is any indication of what’s to come, the church is going to have to blackmail money out of a lot more celebrities to keep the new venture afloat.

Apparently the launch of the studio was said to have around 10,000 people present, however others who were there claim it was more like 1,000:

@Scientology put ‘more than 10,000’ people in these 1,000 chairs! « Sounds like North Korea to me@TonyOrtega94https://t.co/kDqGB8mZg7

— ✨MissAmiaSays✨ (@MissAmiaSays) May 31, 2016

RT ends their report by pointing out that the Church of Scientology has $8 billion in tax-free funds they plan to use on the venture. For those who are unaware, churches are tax-exempt, and on that note, pretty much anyone can start one. Scientology’s proof of that.
Want a “Church of Cheesecake”? If you can find enough people who are passionate about dairy-based desserts, and if you meet just a few of the IRS’s simple requirements (and they are simple), you got it. “Church of Benedict Cumberbatch”? No problem; women around the world worship him already.
Anyone with too much time on their hands, and the money to register their church as a non-profit organization (Texas will let you do it whether you live there or not), can create a church. Just think of it as an investment. John Oliver did it to test the legal and financial limits, and had no problems.
As well as broadcasting through film and media, the Church of Scientology has also installed a radio broadcasting facility on the 5-acre studio property, and according to a report by the Daily Mail, the church has promised to air CNN news for its followers. Interesting.

TYT’s report: