30 Aug 2016

DC Leaks Soros And Twitter Are Now Working Together

Find Out What Their Plans Are!
Twitter is a place where people can post what they want. They can say what they are doing, participate in the newest hashtag craze, and follow some celebrities. However lately it seems that Twitter is doing what it can to halt news that would be damaging to the Democratic Party and anyone affiliated with it.
Everyone remembers that there was an email hack on the liberal billionaire George Soros. Well what people might not remember was that the twitter account @DCleaks_ was the account that published those email releases.

It wasn’t just their twitter account that went down, it was part of their actual website as well. That can’t be pure coincidence. What led to this shutdown?
DCLeaks is a website that publishes information on the political elite. These information releases are usually meant to show the public something illegal that a member of the politically elite is doing.

DC Leaks
They Did Have A Twitter Account Along With A Website

Well before they were taken down, they previously published 2,500 internal Open Society Foundation documents. This was done to “shed light on one of the most influential networks operating worldwide.” The Open Society Foundation is one of Soros’ networks of organizations.
These documents that were published created a backlash against the organization. There were many reports that damaged the reputation of the organization. Not to mention that they were legitimate, because OSF confirmed that they were.
Some of the documents included the OSF organization attempting to buy off the Supreme Court in a decision that would have made President Obama’s Executive Order on legalizing all the illegal immigrants in the state of Texas suddenly legal.
Yes you read that correctly. They attempted to buy off the Supreme Court. If it wasn’t for the unfortunate (or in this case, fortunate) passing of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, then there is a chance that it could have gone through. The decision ended up being a 4-4 tie.

Justice Scalia
Justice Scalia’s Death Prevented This Order From Being Overturned

On top of that, the documents also showed that he tried to make the refugee crisis be accepted as a “new normal.” Soros wanted to use this crisis as a way to influence immigration policies all over the globe. In one of the released memos, they said that the crisis created “new opportunities” to have the OSF encourage a global immigration policy.
We can be certain that any action that Soros wants to take is going to be designed to create more money and power for him. He donates millions to various left wing causes so that Democrats are going to be encouraged to listen to him. This way he might have a say so in other important areas of government.
In fact he was shown to have Hillary Clinton underneath him while she was acting as Secretary of State. Why is someone who isn’t even involved with the government telling a government official what to do?

Soros Has Come Under The Spotlight Recently Due To His Over-The-Top Donations To Hillary
Soros Was Found To Be Telling Clinton What To Do While She Was Secretary Of State

So we have these damaging documents of a liberal billionaire posted on the DCLeaks website. Naturally there was a response from the OSF organization. They said that the leaks were, “A symptom of an aggressive assault on civil society and human rights activists that is taking place globally.”
It’s “an aggressive assault” to have a website publish inside memos that show that this group was trying to manipulate the leaders of the United States government? It’s wrong to show the people that this group was trying to buy off the Supreme Court?
It’s difficult to see exactly why that is wrong. The only reason that they think it was wrong was because they were caught. It wasn’t bad enough that they were caught, but now the DCLeaks twitter account was suspended.
You read that right. Twitter suspended this account for showing people what they were doing wrong. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Twitter seems to be on the same side as Soros. Otherwise they would not have suspended this account.

What pops up when you try to search for DC Leaks
The “502 Bad Gateway” Is What Pops Up When You Try To See The Soros Leak On The Website

Not only was it suspended, but also they gave absolutely no explanation on why it was shut down. Normally there is an explanation given like they were sending too many tweets. Except in this case there was silence. That just adds to the suspicion that Twitter could be on the side of Soros.
If that wasn’t bad enough, the entire section of the DCLeaks website that contained the Soros leaks was completely shut down. That was it though. The rest of the website was running just fine. Doesn’t it seem funny that only the parts containing the Soros leaks were taken down?
This happened right around the same time that Twitter suspended their account. It’s hard to imagine that it was just a coincidence. There had to be some foul play at work. It’s too convenient that both the Twitter account AND the pages on the website that contained the Soros leaks were shut down.
Once again it’s not out of the question to assume that someone in Twitter is working to make sure that this doesn’t happen. Soros has a lot of influence in different areas. Plus after these leaks came out he might be trying to have some damage control done.

George Soros 1
Soros Could Be The Person Behind Getting The DCLeaks Twitter Account Suspended

But now by having both the DCLeaks twitter account suspended AND the website having all the Soros information taken down, it seems that Soros doesn’t want people to hear about it. So what can you do?
Well for starters you can share this article. Sharing this article is going to inform and educate people that Soros might be behind the suspension of a twitter account that showed people exactly what he tried to do. All they wanted to do was inform people about his actions.
Soros is in with Clinton. Therefore anything that Clinton wants to do is something that Soros might want as well. Do you want a President that is going to be taking orders from people that aren’t in the Administration? If not then we can avoid that and vote for Donald Trump. He won’t take orders from Soros.