19 Aug 2016

How teens are making big money by starring in graphic Snapchat solo sex shows

Teenagers are making thousands of pounds a month by selling strangers nude photographs of themselves on Snapchat.
They use the app’s so-called “premium” account, then charge strangers for access to it – and send them racy pictures on request.

Teenagers are earning huge money by sending explicit pictures to strangers on Snapchat

One teenager said she received around 40 “d*** pics” everyday via her explicit account

Hannah Weiiss, 19, told news.com.au Snapchat Premium was “like a normal account but it’s private and people pay me to view it”.
The 19-year-old student from Long Beach, California, began charging people to see her racy photos after losing her part-time job at a Chinese restaurant, and went from making £10 an hour to around £100 an hour.
It began when she started receiving messages from men on Snapchat asking if she had a premium account.
Days later she set one up, taking payments through Paypal, Google Wallet and in-app payment service Snapcash.
Now, she can make around $2,000 in one month.
“I could absolutely pay for college and rent with Snapcash.”
She said it seemed as though her customers were “a bit lonely”, with many requesting personal photos, videos and conversation via private message, for an extra fee.
The Snapchat star says she gets sent around 40 “d*** pics” a day, but if anyone crosses the line or makes her feel uncomfortable, she blocks them.
Her new business venture was detailed in a documentary created by her Australian boyfriend and artist Jesse Willesee.
He claimed that while Snapcash is promoted as being for group purchases with friends and family, “the majority of people use it for paying to see nudes”.
Jesse said it was "a lot more personal" than porn, adding: "You never meet in real life but you have a virtual interaction."