24 Aug 2016

Mia Khalifa wants Nate Diaz to pay her back for losing UFC 202

Nate Diaz lost his UFC 202 fight to Conor McGregor, and now people who bet on him want their money back.

There were few fights that UFC fans were looking forward to more than the rematch between Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz. After Conor got knocked the hell out in the first meeting between the two, the stage was set for the Irish fighter to either fall back into the annals of false MMA gods or reclaim some of his pride.
It took every single second of every single available round, but the latter was ultimately the decision. McGregor can’t live down that first loss of his UFC career but he avenged it in some fashion by beating Diaz by decision.
By losing to McGregor, Diaz has to not only answer to his critics but has to answer to those who bet on him to perform otherwise. One of those people is porn star Mia Khalifa. It sounds like Khalifa might have placed a decent sized bet on Diaz and is waking up on Sunday morning short on coin as a result.
Khalifa tweeted on Sunday that she wanted her $100 back from Diaz — presumably what she bet someone that he’d win his UFC 202 bout against Conor McGregor.
She’s probably not the only upset bettor who is a little upset with the decision at UFC 202. Diaz was the popular pick to win after the way he destroyed McGregor in the first fight but McGregor is never a fighter to sleep on.
It’s not like this was some sort of massive upset, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t upset gamblers searching for the keys to their DeLorean this morning.

Source : Fansided.com