23 Aug 2016

Possible Federal Case Against Obama For Nominee Discrimination

Obama Might Have Some Trouble Because Of The Hyper-Sensitivity Of HIS America
We have reached that point in America where it doesn’t matter what somebody says or does, there is a guarantee that somebody is going to be offended. But it seems that people only get offended when it happens to either himself or herself or somebody that they like.
The newest case of this has happened when somebody put up naked Donald Trump statues in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Cleveland, and Seattle. Now this wouldn’t normally be a big deal, but it just further proved that America is full of double standards that should be changed.

A couple years ago at the Missouri State Fair, there was a rodeo clown that decided to don a mask that resembled President Obama. Now this further proved the hypersensitivity of America.

This Was The Mask That The Rodeo Wore When The Public Outcry Happened

There was such a public outcry about this incident that the person who wore the mask was actually banned from the Missouri State Fair from ever performing at the fair again. Not only that, but they also required, “all officials and subcontractors associated with the association must participate in sensitivity training.”
So how is it that someone who makes naked Trump statues that debut in five of the largest cities in the United States has people laughing, but when someone at a rodeo show dons a President Obama mask, which had done this several times with former presidents before, they get their job taken away.
Not only that but this incident also cost the president of the Missouri Rodeo Cowboy Association his job. That was far from the worst however. At that point there were several state lawmakers that demanded an investigation because they threatened to cut funding to the fair. That was an annual event that received state tax dollars.

The Missouri State Fair Could Have Had Their Funding Cut Because Of The Oversensitivity Of America
What people seem to forget was that back in 1994 there was a dummy wearing a President George H.W. Bush mask. So basically they only overreacted because it was someone wearing a mask depicting a black man. People said that it was inappropriate and disrespectful.
One member of the Missouri Rodeo Cowboy Association actually said that there was nothing offensive or unusual about the actions. It goes to show that people are so hypersensitive to these types of issues that they don’t bother to see the facts about what is happening.
But once again keep in mind that they freaked out because it was someone who wore a mask that was supposed to be a replica of President Obama. He didn’t do anything different. The same member said, “The joke is not that it was the president. They drag out this person dressed like a dummy and all of the sudden this dummy just takes off running. That’s what’s funny.”

People Have Taken This Way Too Far, And This Is A Result Of Obama’s America
But when the same thing is happening to the Republican presidential candidate, people start to laugh about it. Anyone noticing the double standard yet? The Trump statues were designed by someone who goes by the name of Ginger and had extensive experience creating and designing monsters for horror films and haunted houses.
The group that decided to put this plan into motion was called INDECLINE. Ginger was interviewed and had this to say. “When the guys [from INDECLINE] approached me, it was all because of my monster-making abilities. Trump is just yet another monster, so it was absolutely in my wheelhouse to be able to create these monstrosities.”
So when someone dons a President Obama mask in rodeos, where they often have people imitating Presidents of the past, it’s looked on with disgrace and disgust. But when someone puts up statues of Trump looking like a monster, then everyone thinks it’s funny.
The group of INDECLINE had a spokesman say that they didn’t expect the statues to stay in place for “30 or 45 minutes.” But they also added, “But I would love to watch some irate 65-year-old Trump supporter try to take the thing down with his bare hands.”

These Are Perfectly Acceptable, But An Obama Mask Isn’t?
So once again the people have shown that as long as the thing is being made fun of is something that they don’t like, then they are more than willing to go along with it. But once the situation turns around and people are making fun of things that they don’t like, then all of a sudden it’s wrong and insensitive.
The double standard is something that we as Americans can no longer deal with. People are so sensitive to issues that if this keeps up soon enough we won’t be able to joke about anything without offending someone somewhere.
Under President Obama we have become so sensitive to certain issues that we can’t even discuss topics without people thinking that they are offended. They haven’t heard of the saying “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”

These People Are Allowed To Post Trump Like This, But People Can’t Joke About Obama?
This is only going to continue if Hillary Clinton is elected President. We cannot afford to live in a place where you have to be careful about what you say because someone is going to get offended and overreact. If you want proof, just re-read this article.
People are getting upset over actions that don’t even affect them. But there is a way around this. We can change the face of America by not letting Hillary Clinton get into office. The way to do that starts with two things.
The first is to go and share this article. People need to learn about the double standards that people seem to have. The other thing that needs to happen is that people need to go out and vote for Donald Trump on Election Day. If enough people do this, then we have a chance at making America great again.