24 Aug 2016

Wikileaks: Hillary Contacted NFL Commissioner Seeking Help For Her “Cracked Head”

In order to be as incompetent as Hillary Clinton has been, one might seriously wonder if she does in fact have some sort of a mental illness. Julian Assange recently released a small present showing that Hillary did in fact reach out to the NFL Commissioner in 2012 about a head injury.
She chose the Commissioner because of the concussion issues in the NFL, and the severe conditions that follow a concussion. In 2012, Hillary Clinton adviserPhilippe Reines at the State Department contacted the NFL Commissioner to inquire about severe head injuries and possible treatments.

Hillary Clinton thanked Reines and added, “Having a cracked head is no fun at all.”

That Would Definitely Explain A Lot!

The email was sent on December 24, 2012. Hillary did not return to work until January 7, 2013. Hillary first fell ill with a stomach virus, then reportedly suffered a concussion that led to her being hospitalized for a blood clot near her brain. That would indicate that her concussion was serious and it obviously lead to her experiencing long terms symptoms after the injury.
At least that’s what they reported. Hillary is reportedly a lot more ill than she has been revealing to the public. Sources extremely close to the Clinton campaign have indicated her brain tumor has given her major problems as she carries out her day to day activities.
According to the American Cancer Association:
Common side effects associated with brain tumors or cancer associated with the tumor include: frequent headaches, tiredness, weakness throughout the body, vomiting, nausea, as well as many other things.

Look How Ghost-like Hillary Looks, No Way She Is Mentally Or Physically Stable

Hillary Clinton has been experiencing nearly all of those symptoms. She cannot stand without her stool for longer than 10 minutes, she has frozen up while trying to complete a sentence during a campaign event, and she continues to take random days off during the week to rest. What else do you need to prove this is true? She even emailed about it herself.
The major issue behind this research isn’t that Conservatives are pulling wild theories out of a hat and labeling Hillary random things. She had a concussion that led to her finding a brain tumor. That is very serious, and she appears to be suffering from major side effects well after the fact.
As president, a candidate must be in top shape, and she appears not to be. WikiLeaks also reported that Hillary Clinton looked into a drug used to treat sleepiness and Parkinson’s disease after she began to suffer from “decision fatigue” in 2011.

The date of the emails is significant because Hillary’s apparent problems with “decision fatigue” were evident before she fell and hit her head in 2012 that led to her having a concussion, which also led doctors to finding the tumor on her brain.
The mainstream media will continue to brush this story aside, but these are very serious issues that must be addressed. These are not conspiracy theories because some of the most prominent voices in journalism are beginning to ask these same questions.

See How The Liberal Media Changes Their Tone Based On Politics?
See How The Liberal Media Changes Their Tone Based On Politics?

In fact, on Monday, it was reported that a top doctor and Rutgers University Professor of Medicine Bob Lahita’s called for Hillary to be assessed by an impartial panel of physicians to ensure she is fit for office.
The fact of the matter is Hillary Clinton quite possibly has Parkinson’s disease, a brain tumor that has serious ramifications on how she mentally and physically operates day to day, and now she suffers from extreme counts of mental fatigue.
Leaked documents like this one continue to show that she would be unfit to hold office if she wins this election. If she only had one of those symptoms, it would be a serious red flag, but the fact that she suffers from three serious illnesses simultaneously indicates that she is unfit for any job in this country.
Here is another document showing a doctor explaining to her what is wrong with her, the possible side effects, and what she should do as she moves forward with her treatment and use of a Parkinson’s medicine:

Hillary Used And Probably Still Takes Medicine For Parkinson’s Disease and For Other Related Illnesses She Has

When is enough going to be enough? Not only is this woman seriously corrupt, she appears to be dealing with three serious mental illnesses at the same time. She takes medicine for Parkinson’s, she has a brain tumor, and she suffers from mental fatigue that seriously impairs her judgement, energy, and ability to function.
If you needed one more reason to not vote for her, there’s another. She is mentally unfit to hold office and she has serious mental deficiencies. The public would never have known about this had WikiLeaks not confirmed it with a leak Monday evening. Do you really need any other reason to make you vote for Trump?
We have to continue to do our part, share stories like this, and unite to form a majority so that we can elect Donald Trump. Hillary is mentally unstable, and that could explain some of her horrendous decision making since 2011. Let’s put her away for good and win this election!