13 Sep 2016

Breaking : Assange Release Material On Hillary Health

Nearly everyone in the United States wants to know the truth behind Hillary’s health. While many argue a range of issues and possible illnesses she suffers from, it is crystal clear that something is wrong with her. While we are waiting to find out more, we do know that she suffers from a handful of serious ailments that are alarming for someone seeking the highest office in the land.

As reported, Hillary Clinton abruptly left the 9/11 memorial event on Sunday and a bystander filmed her struggling to walk on her own to her van and had to have multiple Secret Service agents assist her. Her doctor later said she has pneumonia and that was why she got “overheated” and collapsed.

Clinton, who is 68, has experienced symptoms so severe that major news platforms are covering this nonstop, and it has gotten so severe that WikiLeaks Julian Assange weighed in on Sunday. There are several reasons explaining why Assange has actually weighed in, personally, on Clinton’s health.
He sent out the following tweet where he used a Twitter poll to ask his audience which of the following best explains Hillary’s collapse. It is a valid question, and the mere fact that Assange, of all people, chose to weigh in on the situation speaks volumes

“The health of the future president is of significant public interest and is referenced in several government documents published by WikiLeaks,” the spokesperson noted before saying that a “number of media outlets including AP, New York Times, MSNBC, CNN conducted biased reporting on the story, headlining the claim that Clinton ‘stumbled’ when video footage from multiple angles clearly shows her collapsing and being dragged with unresponsive legs into a waiting SUV.”

Assange also tweeted the leaked an email from Huma Abedin with article on Clinton’s life threatening Sinus Thrombosis.

“The tweet was removed because we felt it did not meet our standards: there are many more than four possible explanations for Clinton’s medical issues so choosing between them is arbitrary and speculative,” the Sunshine Press spokesperson elaborated on behalf of WikiLeaks.”
Nevertheless, think about why Assange chose those four health issues. While he claims these are the four most widely used assertions, he of all people possesses hundreds of thousands of emails on Hillary Clinton. It is very possible that he knows exactly what Clinton suffers from and how long she has been dealing with it.
This Twitter poll was not random. He chose to interject on this particular day when she suffered, arguably, her worst health episode ever. He chose to use a Twitter poll to see what the people thought because he knows the truth.
Why would Assange use multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and head injury complications if she didn’t possibly suffer from at least or maybe all three? He could have said mental fatigue, blood clot, or anything else she probably suffers from, but he selectively used those three because he quite possibly is going to reveal that in his email dump soon.
Experts Acknowledging Hillary's Health Is A Real Concern
Experts Acknowledging Hillary’s Health Is A Real Concern
Assange has promised to start releasing his “October surprise” within the coming weeks, and with Hillary’s campaign and health simultaneously crumbling, we could be heading down uncharted territory. Assange guaranteed that his leak would end Hillary’s campaign, and we are very well witnessing the collapse of the biggest, largest, and most corrupt candidate in American political history.
WikiLeaks responded to the Huffington Post’s remarks calling him sexist by saying: “We have materials on Clinton’s health that makes it a natural follow up but nothing on Trump’s racism.”
While we wait for Assange to release the emails and documents he is in possession of, we do know two things are certain:
One, Hillary’s health issues are nearly confirmed. We are continuing to see how fragile, pale, and sickly she looks every single week. Whether she is collapsing in public, suffering from pneumonia, or experiencing a long lasting coughing fit, she clearly has serious health issues.
Two, it has gotten so bad that even the mainstream media and liberal pundits are admitting she has issues. The liberal media had no problem attacking John McCain in 2008 over his health issues, yet it is sexist to call Clinton out for the same thing? Liberal logic is corrosive, and that is exactly why we must elect Donald Trump.

The biggest issue surrounding the entire situation is that more and more people are seeing that Clinton is untrustworthy and lacks transparency. She has yet to release her medical records, as both John McCain and Mitt Romney did. Moreover, her campaign took an hour-and-a-half to provide any information about her collapse. When they did speak, it was to offer shifting explanations, with the first iteration of the story including no mention of her pneumonia. This doesn’t exactly breed trust.