1 Sep 2016


In a brand new revelation, the Democrats have been hacked again. This time, it was by a hacker that refers to himself as “Guccifer 2.0.” We do not know the identity of the real person behind this hacker alias. It is a pseudonym adopted by someone who claims responsibility for the recent hack against the DNC.

Whoever is behind Guccifer 2.0 is not thought to be connected to the original Guccifer, who is currently in a US jail awaiting sentencing on hacking and fraud charges. Guccifer 1.0 was the alias adopted by Marcel Lehel Lazar who, from 2013 onwards, targeted high-profile Americans, many of them politicians, and sought to hack into their personal email and social media accounts.

In January 2014, Lazar was arrested in Romania on hacking offences and was given a four-year jail term. In March 2016, he was extradited to the US to face trial on a variety of hacking and fraud charges. In May 2016, while in jail, he admitted he had repeatedly broken into a private email server set up by Hillary Clinton that handled her electronic correspondence.

Guccifer 2.0 Has Been A Patriot Exposing Corrupt Politicians
Guccifer 2.0 Has Been A Patriot Exposing Corrupt Politicians
Now, Guccifer 2.0 has released more documents obtained from former Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s computer. Everyone knows Nancy Pelosi, the woman that said white men only vote Republican because of “God, Guns, and gays.” Yes, she’s ignorant, but she was also deeply involved in the Benghazi attacks with her pal Hillary Clinton.

One document from Pelosi’s computer detailed how candidates and staffers were to respond to the Benghazi terrorist attack. Pelosi created talking points and wanted everyone to frame the argument in a manner in which Hillary received absolutely no blame. Here is a leaked memo:

Leaked Memo Where Democrats Tried To Downplay The Severity Of Benghazi

The authors of the memo that was hacked by Guccifer have admitted that the Benghazi consulate and CIA annex attacks on September 11, 2012 were a pre-planned terrorist attack and NOT a spontaneous assault as a result of an anti-Islam video. Remember, that is the lie that Hillary used for quite awhile as her cover-up.

But many others carried out this line of thinking, as well. Recall Susan Rice making the rounds after the deadly terrorist attacks and lying to the American people about a video being behind the deadly assault on our consulate that killed four Americans. This leaked memo shows that Democrats knew they had a problem, and instead of owning up to it, they all formulated “talking points” so that they could stay in tune with the same lie.

How pathetic is that?

Benghazi Aftermath Leak To Cover It Up Even More

The authors of the leaked memo admit that Ambassador Susan Rice lied about the attacks days and before the presidential election. This was a cover-up from the very beginning. Democrats knew that Hillary Clinton created the terrorist in the area in late 2010, when they rose to prominence after she armed them to overthrow Qaddafi, they attacked the American consulate.

People like Hillary and Obama continue to think that there are multiple versions of terrorists. They argue that there are “moderate” terrorists or “less violent” ones. No, a terrorist is a terrorist, and they are all bad.

The American people are tired of seeing all of these leaked documents proving she should be in prison and shouldn’t be allowed to run for president on the basis of treason, but Judaical Watch President Tim Fitton argues something can be done now:

Hillary Clinton isn’t immune from congressional impeachment proceedings just because she’s out of office – and the Democrat could be subject to an impeachment inquiry even while she campaigns for the White House.

Leading House committee chairmen have written the FBI seeking an investigation into whether Clinton committed perjury during testimony about her emails before a House Benghazi committee.

One of the dirty little secrets in Washington is that Mrs. Clinton can be impeached now. A federal official leaving office does not end congressional jurisdiction over impeachment for misconduct in that office. And if she was convicted by the Senate the sanction could be ineligibility for future office.

Nevertheless, while we are expecting many leaks and hacks to come out, Clinton continues to remain in the race, but her poll numbers continue to decrease. We may not be able to convince government officials to lock her up, but more Americans and voters are starting to see that she is way too corrupt to ever hold any elected position in this country again.

Sharing stories like this remind us what kind of woman she really is. She lied to the faces of the families that had a loved ones killed in Benghazi, and it takes a sick person to be able to do that. Instead of admitting she mad a mistake in Libya that led to Benghazi, she continues to lie. She deletes emails and burn documents because she knows she is a criminal.

She lies because she has gotten away with it, but now we can hold her accountable. We all can unite, rise up, and take her down for good. Hillary may not end up in prison, but she will forever be removed from American politics once she loses in November. That is a guarantee, and that will be a glorious day for the American people.