10 Sep 2016


Hillary Clinton has officially crossed the line. She is actually complaining about the treatment she was getting from the press compared to Donald Trump. Are you even serious right now?
If you have even spent a fraction of time watching any mainstream news outlet you can clearly see that they are in favor of Clinton over Trump. Apparently she doesn’t care. But the liberals are used to this type of treatment so when something changes they are going to complain about it.

In fact Clinton isn’t the only liberal to complain about the press that she has received. After the Commander-In-Chief Forum, moderated by Matt Lauer, liberals all over the place were critical of the job that he did.
Democrats and Bad Ideas go hand in hand
Liberals Like Those Pictured Here Were Critical Of The Job That Lauer did
Now let’s see here. Lauer was doing an impeccable job of being the moderator. He was doing something that the liberal media has failed to do this entire election. He was asking the tough questions that needed to be asked.
There were several people and publications that were actually disgusted with the way that Lauer presented him. CNN actually reported, “NBC News knows the ‘Commander-In-Chief Forum’ was not Matt Lauer’s finest hour.”
Not his finest hour? Are you serious right now? He was literally asking her questions that should have been asked during the entire election season! He didn’t let her brush off the questions either. Believe it or not, that is called journalism.
Not to mention that there were other publications that claimed that Lauer was “sexist.” Wait a second; he was sexist for asking Clinton questions that should have been asked a long time ago? Once again liberal ideology makes absolutely no sense.
Hillary Looking For Her Dropped Earpiece
Apparently Asking Hillary Questions Is Now Sexist
Once again it should be stressed that Lauer did a good job. Despite the fact that he was a former Clinton Global Initiative donor, he didn’t seem to let his bias get in the way of asking her the tough questions. He was being an incredibly competent journalist.
Because the Clinton campaign hasn’t held a press conference in nearly 280 days, she didn’t know how to answer the questions. That is most likely why she did so badly. Well that and the fact that she has terrible policies.

But for Clinton and her supporters to come out, after getting a sound whopping in the forum, and say that Lauer was tough on her is a flat out joke. This type of special treatment has gone on long enough and finally someone stepped up.
Not to mention that Lauer wouldn’t have had to ask these questions if Clinton didn’t cause them in the first place. He spent a good amount of time asking about her email scandal. Guess what folks? If she hadn’t done that in the first place, then he wouldn’t be asking about it.
Clinton Picture
Lauer Wouldn’t Have To Ask These Questions If Clinton Hadn’t Done Them In The First Place
They are literally blaming someone for doing his job instead of blaming the person that caused this mess in the first place. Do you know how incredibly dumb that sounds? That sounds about as smart as blaming the teacher for you getting a poor grade on an exam because you didn’t study for it.
The questions about Clinton’s emails are something that needs to be addressed. These could have possibly put the safety of the entire United States and the Clinton campaign wants the public to ignore those.
The emails weren’t the least of her concerns. Clinton hasn’t held a press conference in a long time. When you don’t hold a press conference for that amount of time and you’re trying to become the President of the United States, people are going to ask you questions.
Clinton and the Press
Clinton Has Refused To Hold A Press Conference In A Long Time
It is your own fault that you have chosen to ignore the media. Instead of facing these problems from the get go, you have chosen to ignore it and hope that people forget about it. Well that plan immediately backfired.
And now Clinton and her supporters in the mainstream media are trying to place the blame on someone else. That is the most disgusting thing you can do. Lauer, despite his past, did an incredible job hosting the event. He did something that the media should have been doing a long time ago.
Not to mention that Clinton is trying to whine that the press is treating her unfairly. You literally put yourself in this situation. You have absolutely no one to blame but yourself. But naturally that is common sense, which is something that most liberals don’t seem to have.
“That’s a very fair question. I have been somewhat hardened by a number of articles recently that point out the quite disparate treatment of Trump and his campaign compared to ours. I don’t understand the reason for it.”
Hillary_Clinton difference 600
She Is Actually Complaining About How The Press Covers Her
Let me help you out there. The Trump campaign gets grilled every day on everything that he does. You don’t even face a tenth of what Trump has to deal with. The fact that you are complaining that someone is trying to do their job is a slap in the face to journalists everywhere.
They are the ones that are going to report to the people about what you say. You’re acting like a spoiled brat because someone tried to ask you an important question. Not to mention that you still haven’t answered any questions about the emails that you had.
So in short, you’re acting like a spoiled brat because someone finally wanted to do some decent reporting. And now you have people in the media that are going to support you no matter what saying that Lauer and others are wrong for questioning you. It’s a sick joke is what it is.